My name is Ryan Edick and I love taking photos. I currently live and work in Manhattan, Kansas, but consider the world my office. I aspire to one day travel the world, capturing it’s ever changing beauty, along with some smiling faces. Being the masterpiece of God, people are my favorite subjects.

I chose photography because I love to tell a story of where a person is at, or what is happening, during that very moment in history. Photography is an extension of my love for people and my love for telling a story. Before I start a session I want to get to know you, even if just a little bit, and I want you to bring things that mean a lot to you into your shoot. I want all your photographs to truly portray who you are and not just be an image of you.

My style is very loose, I like to capture moments, not try to artificially create them. Perhaps somewhat of a photo-journalistic approach, where the story unfolds and I capture it as it happens. Sometimes it’s not the moment that you create but the in-between that creates the most memories.

If you would like to contact me to set up a shoot please give me a call at (785) 370-4455

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Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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