Sam Browning | Portraits

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Sam Browning is one of my best friends here in Manhattan, so when Whitney Neely (of Simply Beautiful Photography) and I were looking to do some lighting tests he was willing to be our model for the evening. The following images are the outcome of that shoot. Lighting is a ton of fun and you can do some pretty sweet stuff with just one flash removed from a camera! Hope you enjoy the photos!

4 Responses to “Sam Browning | Portraits”

  1. Wow. These are awesome =)

  2. ryanedick

    Thanks Lindsey!

  3. Kaitlin Dowgin

    These are so cool! You’re a New York boy now?!

  4. ryanedick

    Hey Kaitlin, thanks for the comment on the photos! I was actually in Manhattan Kansas, the so called little apple. I was attending Kansas State University for a little while.