Jeff and Rebecca | Engagement

Categrory: Engagement, Portraits

Jeff I met at Kansas State University while working with a campus ministry called the Navigators. After graduating, he moved off and ended up finding a great women who happened, if I have my story correct, to live just blocks from his childhood home. It’s funny sometimes the timing of things! Well these two are great together and I’m sure God will bless their union together! We did two sessions at different locations, the first was a church we just happened to find because I was leading us out into the middle of no where (unintentionally!) and the second location is a sweet bridge, that I feel is going to become a common location as it delivers every time! These are the engagement shots!

One Response to “Jeff and Rebecca | Engagement”

  1. Dang, you better hurry up, Jeff!!

    She’s getting awayyy!!!

    More beautiful photos!!