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Abigail, I met through her brother Sam (who’s portraits you can check out here). She is a very talented singer songwriter, currently attending K-State here in Manhattan. She writes some fantastic country music that will soon be released upon the world. If you are interested in Country music and would like to know when her music comes out you can sign up for updates or check out any of her social networking pages at abigailbrowningmusic.com . This shoot was a lot of fun and we were blessed with some fantastic weather! I hope you enjoy the photos and definitely check out and sign up for updates on her page!

This photo of Molly Browning, I think sums things up. She came along for the shoot and was an excellent assistant! Thanks Molly for the help!

As I love black and white photos I couldn’t resist finishing the post with a set. I hope you enjoyed the photos!

4 Responses to “Abigail Browning | Portraits”

  1. the lighting… IT’S JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL!

    I especially like the last one and all of them!

    but the picture with one piece of wheat in focus made me laugh..

  2. ryanedick

    haha thanks Rosso. It’s called artistic blurring, It’s a really difficult technique. Took me years to perfect!

  3. haha, wait which one is artistic blending?
    the wheat one or the last one of abigail??

  4. ryanedick

    Artistic blurring :), the wheat one. It’s a really special technique and It’s really really difficult!